Executive Committee and Board at Large 2013 - 2016

The board of the IALP consists of volunteers who are elected by the membership to serve for a period of three years as members of the Executive Committee or as members at large.

The board meets annually to attend the business of the organisation.

Seated from Left:

Kenneth Watkin (US), Aoife McGuire (IE), Helen Grech (MT), Tanya Gallagher (US), Michael Robb (NZ)

Standing from Left:

Pam Enderby (UK), Lilly Cheng (TW), Sharon McLeod(AU ), Fernanda Dreux (BR), Brian Schulman (US), Ellen Gerrits  (NL), Astrid Frylmark (SE), Antonio Schindler (IT)




Tamer Samir Abou-Elsaad (EG),

Yvette Hyter (US),

Gary Weismer (US)


                                                          Executive Committee

   Hellen Grech (MT)      President helen.grech@um.edu.mt
Tanya Gallagher(US) Immediate Past P. tmgallag@uiuc.edu
Lilly Cheng (TW)  President Elect lcheng@mail.sdsu.edu
Aoife McGuire  (IE) Vice President aoifecmcguire@gmail.com
Kenneth Watkin(US) Secretary watkin@illinois.edu
Michael Robb  Treasurer michael.robb@canterbury.ac.nz
Gary Weismer (US) Editor gweismer@wisc.edu



                                                                  Board at Large

Pamela Enderby(UK) p.m.enderby@sheffield.ac.uk
Antonio Schindler(IT) lcheng@mail.sdsu.edu
Brian Shulman(US) Brian.Shulman@shu.edu
Tamer Samir Abou-Elsaad(EG) taboelsaad@hotmail.com
Fernanda Dreux(BR) fernandadreux@usp.br
Astrid Frylmark(SE) astrid@spraklek.se
Ellen Gerrits(NL) ellen.gerrits@hu.nl
Yvette Hyter(US) yvette.hyter@wmich.edu
Sharynne McLeod(AU) smcleod@csu.edu.au
Martine Smith(IE) mmsmith@tcd.ie



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